Theme & Topics

The congress theme is “Towards a Sustainable Geoenvironment.” “Sustainable Development is to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Geoenvironment is a specific compartment of the environment and comprises portions of geosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere. Under this theme the congress will cover a broad range of topics and will provide an excellent opportunity for academics, engineers, scientists, government officials, regulators and planners to present, discuss and exchange the latest advancements and developments in the research and application of environmental geotechnics.

The following topics are tentatively proposed:      

Geoenvironmental risk assessment, management and sustainability    

• Sustainability

• Risk-based site evaluation and management

• Case histories and regional experiences

Geotechnical recycling and reuse of waste materials

• Construction and demolition wastes

• Coal combustion residues

• Dredged sediments

• Other solid wastes

Transport, persistence and fate of pollutants

• Advection

• Diffusion

• Adsorption

• Degradation and attenuation

• Emerging contaminants

Contaminated land and remediation technology

• Site investigation

• In-situ remediation

• Off site remediation

• New remediation technologies

Engineering barriers

• Covers

• Liners

• Vertical barriers

Landfills of solid wastes

• Waste characterization and properties

• Stability

• Deformation

• Greenhouse gas and odor reduction

Application of geosynthetics in geo-environmental engineering

• Geotextiles and geocomposites

• Geomembranes

• Geosynthetic clay liners

• Other geosynthetics

Geoenvironmental aspect in energy geotechnology

• Nuclear waste

• CO2 sequestration

• Shallow and deep geothermal

• Methane hydrates

• Underground storage facilities

Tailings and mine wastes

• Tailing ponds

• Waste dumps

• Acid mine drainage

• Heap leach pads

Biogeotechnical engineering

• Biomediation

• Bioremediation

• Phytostabilization and phytoremediation

Forensic environmental geotechnics

• Failure case studies