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Tianjin Zhonglian Gelin Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd

Tianjin Zhonglian Gelin  Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. was  established in February 2009,  which is a professional producer for geosynthetic clay liners (ZLGL®) and a solution provider of vertical  cut-off barrier.
   With so many years  unremitting efforts, we have achieved the leading  position and great achievements.
   1. First production line of  GCL in China
   2. Solution Provider of GCL  Composite Vertical Cut-off Barrier.
   3. Maker of Chinese GCL  industry standards
   4. Supplier of some  noticeable companies at home and abroad & OEM of foreign corporation
   5. GCL A.P.I. service  solution
   6. Rich patent technology  reserve
   7. Quality certification by professional institutions
   We insisting on enterprise creed which states  “quality  for existence, technology for excellence, innovation for progresses”, are willing to work  together with all friends of  various circles to seek long-term development.

GCL Composite Vertical Anti-seepage Barrier
   GCL Composite Vertical Anti-seepage Barrier  is an innovative composite vertical anti-seepage system which  combines GCL with conventional vertical cut-off wall.
 1.  Characteristics:

  • Introduce GCL into vertical anti-seepage, permeability≤1*10-7cm/s, in line with environmental protection  requirements.

  • Settle some defects of conventional  cut-off wall, such as low permeability level, poor  chemical compatibility and great difficulty in construction.

  • Composite structures  can cope with more complex projects.

  • Mechanized  construction, high construction quality and high construction efficiency.

2.  Scope of Application:
   Can be  applied to slotted vertical cut-off walls.
   It is  especially suitable for the vertical anti-seepage field with high anti-seepage  requirements such as pollution site repair, landfill, old simple landfill  reconstruction and tailings dam.
   Schematic of GCL Composite  Vertical Anti-seepage Barrier



Add: Shuangyao Industrial Site, Jinghai District, Tianjin.




Hangzhou Lvnong Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.


Hangzhou Lvnong Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. founded in January 2013, is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. It is an ecological and environmental protection service enterprise, which focuses on the comprehensive restoration and renovation of the mine,  the recycling and disposal of construction waste and the comprehensive exploitation and utilization of land.

At present, Lvnong Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. is the largest enterprise engage in construction waste, muck disposal and mining rehabilitation in Zhejiang province. The company adheres to the business philosophy of " Environmental governance integrated service provider ", based on the integration of environmental protection industry chain. Nowadays, the main business of the company is divided into three major sectors: Utilization of construction waste, the transfer dock of construction waste and Landfill disposal of construction wastes.