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Short Training Course: Salt Mechanics and Geothermal Systems Analysis with OpenGeoSys

Olaf Kolditz*, Haibing Shao*, Wenqing Wang, Uwe-Jens  Görke, Thomas Nagel, Wenjie Xu (TBC)

(*course instructors in Hangzhou)


The short training course will provide an introduction to OpenGeoSys (OGS) for applications in Environmental Geotechnics. OGS is a scientific open source project for the development of numerical methods for the simulation of thermo-hydro-mechanical-chemical (THMC) processes in porous and fractured media. OGS been successfully applied in the fields of contaminant hydrology, water resources and waste management, geotechnical applications, geothermal energy systems and energy storage. 

The course will be focused on two aspects in Environmental Geotechnics: Salt Mechanics and Geothermal Systems Analysis. The course format contains an overview on OGS, lectures and exercises on the two topics, respectively. In the lectures the theoretical background will be explained, i.e. balance equations and constitutive relationships for deformation processes and heat transport in porous media. Furthermore, numerical methods (mainly finite elements) will be introduced and the implementation in OGS-6 is briefly touched. Due to the short course time, simple exercises in salt mechanics and heat transport will be conducted in order to demonstrate the use of OGS including the existing repositories of source code and benchmark collections. 

Numerical modelling is an important tool for both areas in order to plan and optimize geotechnical installations for storing energy resources and energy waste in the subsurface, and to assess possible environmental impacts in the mid and long terms.

More information on OGS can be found at: and the related tutorials as well as benchmark books.

Course Schedule:




08:30 - 09:00

OGS in Environmental Geotechnics


09:15 - 10:45

Salt Mechanics: Lecture


11:00 - 12:30

Salt Mechanics: Exercise

Lunch Break


13:30 - 15:00

Geothermal Systems: Lecture


15:15 - 16:45

Geothermal Systems: Exercise

Course preparations: 

Salt Mechanics


Geothermal Systems